Surya Villas

Year 2006
Location Dawn Beach Estates SXM
Area 1.600 m2 / 17.200 sqft
Status Final Design
Nestled on the hillside of Dawn Beach is ‘Surya’…Four private Modern Caribbean villas that are your perfect vantage point for enchanting sunrises over a scenic green valley that meets the sparkling crystal blue Atlantic Ocean. Surya, the Sanskrit word for sunrise, merges perfect balance of comfort, nature with architectural style and privileged living. The interior of each villa is as stunning as the picturesque Caribbean view and allows for a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living. The architectural elements of the homes bring together modern style and comfort in a relaxed, light and functional way. Inspired by the sun, each home has a circular theme that links elements such as the roof’s symmetry to the circular terrace light that changes position with the sun’s journey across the azure sky…for total harmony and bliss. This theme is also practical function as it wraps each home in privacy perfect for making lasting memories… The homes’ architectural focal points include floating steps illuminated by skylights that lead to the second storey, and a secluded Japanese stone garden that channels natural light into home for true oneness with nature. Featuring only four homes, Surya is an intimate setting without the hassles associated with bigger housing projects. This intimate gated sanctuary also has a streamlined security plan that is easily implemented covering the grounds of Surya , for added peace of mind and comfort.